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Supervision Services

BCBA and BCaBA Supervision

If you have met or are working toward the academic requirements to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) you will need field hours supervised by qualified professionals. Directors and staff of BCSNA can provide the supervision required by the BACB.

Individuals should visit the BACB’s website atwww.bacb.com to obtain the most up-to-date standards regarding individual and group supervision.

The following updates should be noted:

April 1, 2005, the BACB uploaded new experiential requirements to their webpage. The three categories of experience now include: Supervised Independent Fieldwork, Practicum, and Intensive Practicum. BCXNA provides the first option only (Supervised Independent Fieldwork).

January 1, 2009 the BACB introduced new supervision requirements for all BCaBAs. Each BCaBA must be supervised by a BCBA. The BACB requires that supervision shall occur at least once each month for one hour. (Note: Annually, at least two of these monthly supervision sessions shall be conducted in-person, to include direct observation of actual services with individuals.)

BCSNA supervision can be provided in two ways:

1.) Direct face-to-face: on-site, local or statewide throughout Arizona
2.) Distance: from anywhere using audio and video/web conferencing.

BCSNA provides individualized supervision plans for supervisees, with a focus on evidence-based practices and assessments. Our quality supervisors are active BCBA’s with diverse backgrounds and years of experience working with children and adults across many settings (i.e. clinics, homes, schools, and community).
Individuals working for BCSNA will be provided with supervision as part of their employment benefits.  

*BCBA supervision is available in Spanish or English.